Month: February 2016

Message: Enema Before Anal?

Anonymous: So do you like clean you ass before you have anal sex? Like do you do an enema or do u just fuck? Because I’ve never done an enema before and I’m kinda curious. Btw I love your blog and I LOVEEEEE ANAL ?

Some people do, but for most people, if you have a fairly balanced diet and have gone to the bathroom before, it isn’t necessary. The rectum is generally empty except for right before you need to go to the bathroom. A light anal douching can clean out residue if you feel the need, but deeper enemas often cause more problems unless you want to get into deep anal play and I wouldn’t recommend them unless you’re prepared to spend a while fully cleaning yourself out.

Message: Brand of Lube for Anal?

arrogantdreamWhat kind of brand of lube would you suggest for anal? Oil or water based

It’s a matter of personal preference and interactions with other things. Some prefer water, some prefer silicone, some prefer oil. But silicone lube can’t be used with silicone toys, and certain oil-based lubes degrade condoms. Try a few and see what works best for you. Most are going to work, some are just going to work better or meet your personal preferences differently.

Coconut oil and various silicone lubes do get highly recommended by people the most, it seems like.

Message: I Love Anal But My Boyfriend’s Too Big

Anonymous: My boyfriend keep prodding me about anal. I personally love anal and would love to try. Just one problem, he’s huge! I mean, he is bigger than anything I ever had. We tried once and while it was very painful, I felt a tiny ounce of pleasure. I need some advice on how to train my asshole to take my man’s cock easily. Thanks!

All anal training comes down a few simple steps: start small, incrementally work larger, and repeat as often as you can. Always start at the smaller end, each training session, and work back up over a few minutes to larger sizes. Keep pushing at that upper limit, flirting with the edge of what hurts, but not going past it. If you hit a point that really hurts, back off to something smaller for a few minutes before trying again. Repeat as much as often as it takes and you’ll get to that next larger size. Keep repeating that process with each new size until you’re up to his size, then before sex with him also run through a warmup procedure to his size again and you should be good to go.

Message: Properly Preparing for an Anal Only Lifestyle

Anonymous: Hey! My gilfriend and i have been enjoying anal sex occasionally for a couple of months now and we want to go anal only, my questions to you are the following! How do we properly prepare for an anal only lifestyle? How do we clean her asshole, how can we be able to have anal any time?! Thanks!

Wearing a butt plug for 30 minutes to an hour before having sex does wonders for both purposes, and wearing one more regularly throughout the day can also make it easy to have sex at any point just by removing it and you’re ready to go.

A balanced diet with a healthy amount of fiber will keep her naturally quite clean, and wearing a plug before sex will usually stimulate the digestive tract to help with any remaining cleaning out that might be necessary. A dildo in the shower before sex can be used to verify cleanliness, too.

Some will use a small anal douche to flush out the rectum, but you want to be careful to not go overboard with this as if water passes the rectum and goes deeper it can end up causing more of a mess.

Message: Tips For Anal Orgasms?

kitti3-prize: You talk an awful lot about anal giving orgasms more powerful than vaginal…I love anal, but after my bf makes me cum I have to have him finger my pussy to make me squirt? Got any tips for achieving those orgasms? Is anal more powerful for everyone?

In general, the combination of anal stimulation and another source of stimulation results in a more intense orgasm than that other source on its own. Some people can cum from anal alone, but it’s generally the combination of anal with something else that makes you cum. It also doesn’t necessarily make you squirt, though it can for some. It just tends to amplify pleasure from clitoral or other stimulation.

Message: A Retort About Misguiding People About Anal

Anonymous: I wanted to make a retort to the poster who felt that you were misguiding people about anal. I figured out a long time ago that I can’t achieve vaginal penetration orgasm on its own. I enjoy penetration, it feels good. And I climax from clitoral stimulation easily. But it wasn’t till I started playing with anal that I achieve orgasm JUST from being fucked there. Every woman’s body is different! Anal works for me and I adore it!

Thank you for sharing—and you’re absolutely right, everyone is different and reacts in different ways to stimulation. This is why I encourage people to try anal and give it a reasonable chance—not everyone may end up liking or loving it, but trying different things is how you figure out what does work for you.

Message: Thank You For This Wonderful Way of Sexual Well-Being

I stumbled onto this website 10 months ago, and at first I was skeptical about the Anal Only Lifestyle. So I discussed it with my wife Becky and the conclusion we came to was if we don’t like it then we can always quit. The bonus for me through this process was that Becky was an anal virgin. I and few others have had our way with Becky’s cunt, but it is a great source of pride that I and I alone have been the only one to be inside of Becky’s ass.

This lifestyle works great for both of us as we have both decided that we really don’t want children, and this allows me to go full throttle and not hold anything back at all. No pulling out. It makes sex so much easier to just pound away and not worrying about pulling out or wearing a condom. I broke Becky’s tight little ass hole in like a brand new baseball glove and now it isn’t tight anymore, and it is where she prefers to receive me.

It has reinvigorated our sex life in ways I couldn’t even imagine, and now she knows which hole I want to penetrate. Sex went from once or maybe twice a week if we were lucky to becoming so exciting that now we set aside time each night when we are both home for a sexual conquest. I still get rock hard knowing that Becky’s ass is mine and all mine and the fact she enjoys it so greatly and we have bonded so deeply over the fact makes our sex life magical