Month: January 2016

Why Stretch/Train Your Ass?

Anonymous: How comes you got obsession to stretch/train your butt with bigger toys? Pain or what?

willowkitty: It’s not painful. One of the biggest misconceptions about anal sex is that it is painful. If you are experiencing pain, then you need to listen to you body and slow down. You need to warm yourself up, and ease in to it slowly.

In order to properly have anal sex you need to start off small, just your pinky finger and work your way up from there. Lots and lots of lube. There should not be any pain, and with time you will be able to take larger toys.

Practice, practice, practice.

The reason I have been so in to anal training is because it feels amazing. Anal stimulation has changed the way I orgasm. The added sensation allows me to have much more powerful orgasms. For me, the stretching sensation is almost enough to send me right over the edge. The bigger I go, the more intense it is. In fact, I have had an anal only orgasm from just stretching alone; it was incredible. I cannot even begin to put it to words.

How could I possibly say no to that? hehehe.

Message: Still A Virgin If Anal Only?

stacysstillcherry: If a virgin guy and virgin girl decide to do anal only, are either of them at least technically virgin still?

If you’ve had sex, whether it be anal or vaginal, then you are not a virgin.

If you’ve only had anal sex, then you are not an anal virgin, but you are a vaginal virgin.

If you’ve only had vaginal sex, then you are not a vaginal virgin, but you are an anal virgin.

Where it becomes a little more subjective is with oral—some consider cunnilingus, analingus and fellatio to be more of an act of foreplay, while others consider them sex acts equal to anal and vaginal intercourse.

Message: Our ‘Anal Only’ Story

While a couple of months pregnant my wife found vaginal sex uncomfortable. In the past we had anal sex a couple of times per month, so we tried it instead of vaginal sex, and she found it much more comfortable and was able to orgasm. A few nights later we had it again and both enjoyed it even more. By the time she was halfway through her second trimester we were having anal sex pretty much every day. Sometimes we had anal sex two or three times in a day. It was all I could do to keep up. Near the end of her pregnancy we had slowed down a bit. I think this was more due to her lack of sleep and the general discomfort of pregnancy than anything else.

After our son was born the lack of sleep kept us to once or twice a week. However we continued only to have anal sex. Once the little bugger was sleeping through the night we began to have anal sex three to five times a week. We never really talked about it, it was like it was just the natural thing to do, as if vaginal sex was as foreign to us as anal sex is to many.

Finally my wife asked me if it bothered me that we didn’t have vaginal sex. I told her it didn’t bother me at all. She said she was glad to hear that and proceeded to have anal sex with me until she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life.

Several weeks later she ran out of her birth control pills. She made a point out of asking me if I thought she needed to get the prescription refilled. When I said I didn’t see the point, she just said, “good.”

Apparently people come to have an “anal only lifestyle” many different ways. But they stay anal only because of the orgasms only anal sex can provide.

Keep up the good work! There are still so many who need to learn an anal only lifestyle is possible.

Message: Care to Share?

desperatelifeater: I ran into this page by my feed and I have to say I LOVE to have anal intercourse. I’m a straight man and as much as I love vaginal penetration, there is just something about anal that I can’t get enough of. Any one care to share experiences?

If you read through the archive, you’ll find that many people have shared their experiences.

Message: Why Do We Have to Do Ass To Mouth and Rimming?

Anonymous: Why do we have to do ATM and rimming? I’m so unhappy when my Dominant makes me do that, but I know if I don’t he’ll find some other girl that does. And those magazine covers you put on here that say we all have to do it. But I hate it. Why do I have to eat shit like that? Isn’t being uncomfortable and doing anal for him enough? Why isn’t it enough?

First, I don’t advocate doing anything you don’t want to do or forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do. I don’t want someone to be uncomfortable, in pain or hate what they’re doing. Some people on tumblr do like women to do anal and ass to mouth for those reasons, and I disagree with them and dislike their position on anal. You’re correct that some content on this blog does talk about ass to mouth, but understand that content here is always partially fantasy, and is never advocating people doing things they don’t want to. There are women who are turned on by and love giving ass to mouth, and they are more of my target with such posts, rather than pushing all women to do it even if they’re not interested.

Myself, I like anal with women who love it as much as I do and who want to be anal only. Honestly, if it hurts or is uncomfortable, you probably aren’t ready to be having anal sex yet and should be training still with toys. Or maybe you just don’t like it.

Ass to mouth is something I enjoy receiving, but I understand not everyone wants to do it, and that’s obviously fine. I only suggest doing it if you’re clean. I see this less as a form of dominance and more of a loving act, accepting your man so much you’ll even suck his cock clean after he fucks your ass.

Rimming just feels good, and I encourage everyone to try both giving and receiving it. Bathe first and there is no taste, it’s just skin, and it feels amazing to receive.

Don’t let someone pressure you into doing things you hate, especially with threats of leaving you for someone else if you don’t. I don’t know whether that’s happened in this case, but you do mention he’ll find someone else to do what he wants if you don’t. That’s not a good situation to be in, and can be prone to abuse.

The fact is, some people like ATM and rimming, and some don’t. You’re with someone who does. It’s fine if you don’t, but you’ll need to either tell him that you don’t want to do that anymore, come up with a way to enjoy it (e.g. always be clean before), or keep doing something you hate. Just because you’re in a dom/sub relationship doesn’t mean you don’t have a say—your consent should always be a factor in any relationship, and if your partner doesn’t agree, then that’s probably a relationship you shouldn’t be in.

Message: First Anal Advice

Anonymous: What kind of advice can you give me for my first anal? (I am a girl)

Practice on your own first. Get to know that part of your body and work towards getting comfortable with larger penetrations. If you have a partner, after a few solo experiments, you might try doing some anal play together with fingers or toys. For most people, enjoyable anal takes a little bit of practice and familiarization first, plus the more you become familiar with what’s involved, the less tense and nervous you’ll be when you try it with a partner, which will also make things more enjoyable. Read through the Anal Advice category here for a number of other Q&As on preparing for anal.

Will You Suck a Cock Out of Your Ass?

naughtyboxxx: Will you suck a cock right out of that perfect asshole of yours? I want you to slide a dildo or plug in your ass and take a picture, then pull it out and put it in your sexy mouth. Up the ante and do it at work or in a quasi public place. Go.

severelykrispysalad: First of all, yes I would and have taken toys, fingers and cocks out of my ass and sucked them straight away and secondly…fucking in public places is such a turn on for me, I absolutely love it