Message: Adverse Effects From Being Anal Only?

Anonymous: How long have you been anal only? And have you begun to notice any physiological change, is your ass looser, more pliant and more willing now? I ask because my wife has the most luxurious ass and while we’re not anal only we are using it more and more and almost always finish in it. She’s eager to know if she’s going to feel any change as we become more focused on using her ass.

dumbandpretty: We’ve been anal-only off and on for a while now. I can’t say how long exactly, but long enough–I think–that any averse affects would have manifested themselves in some form or another by now. My ass isn’t looser; however, I have noticed the muscles there relax easier now, so penetration is less difficult and more pleasurable for me. My husband says its like making love to a woman who knows how to pleasure a man, vis-a-vis using muscle contractions, so I can only assume that means it doesn’t feel ‘looser’ for him. I can’t recommend anal-only enough. If you can get past the initial discomfort, the orgasms are far superior to anything you’ll get from vaginal sex alone, and the intimacy can’t be beat.

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