Message: Going Anal Only As a Single Guy

Anonymous: I’m thinking of becoming only anal sex guy. I mean i would like to have only anal with women and never vaginal. But the problem is – most of my sex acts are one night stands, do you think is even possible?

Some women would be up for it, but a lot of women, even those who enjoy anal, may be hesitant to do anal before knowing more about a guy and how much they can trust him, just because of the potential for pain with a partner who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

You can certainly try it, but you’ll probably need to be a bit more up front about what you’re looking for and accept that you’ll be reducing the pool of possible partners with such a restriction. Most anal only couples get there over time, not immediately from the start. But there certainly are single anal only women out there too who would also like to hook up with guys who want anal only.

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