Message: More Guys Should Realize Anal Is Not Supposed to Hurt

Anonymous: I wish guys would actually realise anal is NOT supposed to hurt. My life partner has shown me this but if more guys knew I would have been a happy anal slut far sooner, with many more guys. I would have carried coconut oil with me 24/7 for it. ♡_♡

I wish more men and women both would realize this. And in the age of the internet, where most people have information about virtually anything at their fingertips, it’s ridiculous that they don’t. The information that anal done correctly does not hurt is all over the internet—all it takes is half an hour searching and reading about it to know pretty much all there is to know. (To be fair, there are bad sources out there too, which prolong the idea that it will hurt at first.) The fact that so many people are having anal without learning more about it first is problematic and leads to most people being turned off by it—because they didn’t do it right and it hurt.

As with all things, even done with the proper training, lube, and warmup, not everyone is going to like it, but I strongly believe far more people would be having anal on a regular basis and a large subset of those would be content (or thrilled) with being anal only. Much of the modern stigma stems from the false idea that it’s a one-sided sex act that’s enjoyable for men and something painful to be endured by women.

The original poster responded:

I wish I could have been more of an anal slut, enough to go home with guys and at least pretend “btw, I’m an anal only girl, is that okay?” While blushing and being cute, sucking on it. Take it up the ass say thank you very much!:D And go home happy!

So it goes. I’m sure some great times could have been had by all, but at least you are able to enjoy it now, so all is not lost.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

scaredfeminist: ?????? so true! I was scared of anal for so long, but now that I’m actually doing it with a good partner on a regular basis I love it! It feels so good! All it takes is prep and communication. Just like all sex. Plan that shit yo!

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