Month: June 2015

Message: Anal Hurts Her

Anonymous: I have a question, my girlfriend and i are now together nearly one and a half years, we tried anal but it hurts her even if sie relaxes, are we doing something wrong? I would love to live anal only, but i love her more and i think she would love it too even if she doesnt know until now Sorry for Bad english

If it hurts, she’s not warmed up or trained enough for the size. Start smaller, and gradually increase the size until it begins to be come uncomfortable, then back off and train at a size slightly smaller for a while before increasing again and continuing to tease the edge of what is uncomfortable. Repeating this process over a period of time and gradually increasing the size will increase the size she can comfortably fit. She should also be playing with her clit regularly during this training process and regularly masturbating to orgasm with something in her ass.

Early training can be done with fingers—it’s easy to add an additional finger to increase the size a little bit. Once she can comfortably fit three or four fingers, get a butt plug or two, and/or some dildos of various sizes starting at about the size she can already fit. Incorporate these into other play and sex regularly. Don’t try actual anal sex until she can easily work up to the size of your penis without it hurting. Warm up before every session, starting smaller and working up in size to her current maximum.

Message: Don’t Know Why I Hesitated To Try Anal

Anonymous: I finally agreed to try anal sex.. I don’t know why I hesitated so much ! I even dont want him to fuck my pussy anymore.. Ladies , go anal ! (Sorry if my english is bad.. im french?)

I’m glad to hear you had an excellent experience! Your reaction to learning how much better it can be is not extremely unusual these days as anal sex is beginning to be treated as a positive thing that can be very enjoyable for both partners, but it’s always great to hear people’s personal experiences with it. I think it really helps other people who might still be afraid to try it themselves.

I met a guy last night …

babedollblonde: & he fucked my ass. So good. Barely paid attention to my cunt. We met at work & he was drunk as fuck. I finished early & I stayed to get drunk with him. We were already talking about fucking … & it seemed like the logical step. I told him my dream relationship meant almost anal fucking only. I told him most guys are too afraid to use my asshole how I dream.

He had no fear. None. I took him home & he fucked my asshole for hours. I even let him stay the night. By the time he left at around 3pm the next afternoon, I had 7 loads of cum in my ass.

I think I’m in love.

Message: Paraben-free Anal Lubricant

Anonymous: What kind of lubrication do you recommend that doesn’t have parabens? I’m allergic so I’m not really sure what to use since most-all drug store brands contain it.

Sliquid is paraben and glucose free across their entire line of lubes. Cleanstream’s water-based anal lube (one of the best sellers on Amazon) is free of both as well. Slippery Stuff is a high quality gel-like lube. J-lube is a powder that you can mix into your own lube.

Many people have switched to using coconut oil and tend to highly recommend it for anal lube.

Message: Daily Enemas for Anal?

Anonymous: Does I need to give myself an enema before any sort of anal(training, daily plugging, masturbation or sex)? Should an enema become part of my daily routine? I’ve heard that daily enemas aren’t great for you.

If you have a healthy diet with a good amount of fiber, probably not. Go to the bathroom before playing, and wear a plug 30 minutes to an hour before a major play or sex session, removing it in the bathroom beforehand, and it will likely help you clean out further if necessary.

Regular deep enemas are probably not a good idea. Douching (just washing out the rectum, not beyond) can be done more often, but isn’t necessary for most people. The rectum stays pretty clean when it’s empty.

Anal Only in Space

I had a friend who worked with NASA, and he had this conversation with them at some sort of official place (I actually think he has a paper out on it). The main issue was birth control and pregnancy, with concerns about the effects on the embryo of radiation on re-entry being the biggest issue. He said that hearing officials in the space industry seriously debate enacting a “anal sex only” rule to be one of the most surreal moments of his life.

More reason to become an astronaut?


The Anal Only Anthem

A ring, a ring, a ring around my rosy
My little pocket is so fit and so damn cozy

Ring, a ring, a ring around my rosy
All the boys in town say I’ve the prettiest of posy

Some blokes say that one hole is more than enough!
Then why did God give me two, not including my muff?

If you’ve got a pretty face and a pretty fanny too,
you will find the most prestigious blokes are lining up to meet you

1, 2, 3, 4 (Feels just like coming in the back door)
5, 6, 7, 8 (Aaah, feels great!)

A Ring, a ring, around my dirty posy
My rear pocket is so fit and so damn cozy

Ring, ring, ring around my posy
All the boys in town say I’ve the tautest of posies

A lot of folks have said that this act is just for men,
to them I say strap one on and let us ladies in!

What’s the point of life if the gays have all the fun?
Just south of my front part, I will make you cum!

9, 10, 11, 12 (Feels so good, must be bad for my health)
13, 14, 15, 16 (I’m so keen)

A ring, a ring, a ring around my rosy
My little pocket is so fit and so damn cozy

Ring, a ring, a ring around my rosy
All the boys in town say I’ve the prettiest of posies

Ring, ring around my rosy
Ring, ring around my rosy

A ring around my rosy.
My pocket’s so damn cozy.

And my posy, my posy,
I’m talkin’ about my asshole!

Orgasm From Anal Only or No?

begginglittleslut: Since I spend so much time when I’m fingering myself thinking about being anal only I started wondering if when I get the guts/motivation/time to start being anal only if I’ll want to try to orgasm from anal. Mostly I think no. That I just want to be permanently drippy and denied but then eeeek.

aggressionoutlet: Baby steps. If you can make yourself cum just from playing with your ass, you’ll start to realize that you don’t need your cunt and eventually you can work yourself toward realizing that you don’t need to cum.