Month: May 2015

Message: Anal Only Roleplay

Anonymous: I want to shock my bf with roleplay of a one night stand where I say I only like anal and he loses it, and of being an anal and facefuck booty call he uses and leaves. I can’t wait to be a used ass only slut! I love gagging, anal, and being a whore.♡

Do it! And if he enjoys it, try going for a week or a month or more anal only. And if that goes well, why bother with vaginal at all anymore?

Message: Really Want to Go Anal Only, But Can’t Stop Touching Pussy

Anonymous: i really want to go anal only but i cant force myself not to touch my vagina while penetrating my ass. im trying not to touch my vagina since 1 year but it really wont work. i really need someone who forces me not to touch it. sry for my bad english

Start by freely allowing yourself to touch (but not penetrate) your pussy, but only if you have something in your ass at the same time. Don’t allow yourself any clit or pussy stimulation unless your ass is getting the primary attention. Plenty of anal only women play with their clit as well.

After doing that for a while, if you still want to eliminate clit and pussy play, start with very small goals. A single play session where you don’t touch your pussy while playing with your ass. If you get through that, try it again another time—maybe the very next session, maybe some time later. If you don’t, don’t worry, and try again later. It’s a process to change a habit, and such processes are frequently filled with short term failures, but if you stick with it, you can reach your goal.

After making it through a few standalone sessions, try setting a goal of masturbating anally at least once a day without playing with your pussy, and see how many days you can get. It’s perfectly fine if at first it’s only one day, or even less than a day. Keep at it.

As your success rate increases, increase your goals as well. It’s perfectly fine if you want a partner/master to set your goals for you, but it’s certainly possible to do it yourself as well!

Quote of the Day: Vaginal Fine But Uninspiring, Anal So Good

It’s so good to hear from Sandra and others who have had positive experiences with anal sex. We all know there are risks in any sexual activity, but let’s talk about the benefits. After reading Toni Bentley’s “Surrender,” my wife wanted me to give her anal intercourse on a regular basis. Vaginal sex with her had been fine, but uninspiring. What we have found is that by confining ourselves to anal intercourse, we have sex more frequently, and our sessions are longer. Consequently she has had more orgasms and I feel more satisfied. I had no idea an orgasm could feel so good, and she’s delighted to provide me with these experiences. She even is OK with my giving her anal in the middle of the night!


Message: Vaginal Painful After Monopause, Want Anal Only

Anonymous: I want an Anal Only lifestyle. After menopause vaginal sex is too painful.How do I meet an Anal only man? How do I bring it up when I meet a new potential boyfriend? I have had anal sex before any I always enjoyed it more than vaginal sex but I have never had an Anal Only partner.

You can try being up front and honest about it the first time you have sex with a new partner and say that you only want anal sex because vaginal is very painful for you and you enjoy anal far more, and see where things go from there. You can do much the same but be more flirtatious about it at first, wearing a butt plug to serve as a visual illustration of what you want and an introduction to the idea. Or you can try to meet like-minded men on places like Fetlife where there are many people openly interested in being in an anal only relationship.

Message: The Rougher The Better, But Initial Anal Penetration Is Still Hard

Anonymous: I enjoy having anal with my fiancé and I’ve discovered that the harder, faster, and deeper he goes the more pleasurable it is. But I have a hard time getting over the initial insertion. Maybe I’m not training well enough or using enough lube. Any suggestions? Because I really want to get to the point where I can just throw my ass in the air and let him do whatever he wants with my butt without any pain.

If it feels fine once the initial penetration is over, it probably isn’t lube-related. Train more regularly (no less than 3 days a week, and daily if and when possible) and work up slowly to larger sizes. Occasionally wear a butt plug around the house or while sleeping for as long as it’s comfortable. Always train your ass whenever masturbating.

The more often you masturbate anally and have anal sex, the easier it gets. This is part of why going anal only is so effective—once you’re doing it all the time, it’s just all pleasure all the time.

Message: Hope To Remain A Pussy Virgin For Life

Anonymous: I lost my virginity three years ago and have only ever had anal sex. To this day I have never had so much as a finger inside my pussy, a total pussy virgin, but so far I’ve had 32 different and beautiful cocks up my ass… What a marvellous feeling! I hope to remain a pussy virgin for life

That’s wonderful—I have no doubt that you’ll be able to achieve that goal and maintain your vaginal virginity if you love anal as much as you do.

Have you had any difficulty with guys who want vaginal sex as well or has everyone been enthusiastic about anal only? I know some women are as eager as you are about anal only but have a difficult time finding partners who are as satisfied as they are with just anal, but that seems to be somewhat age- and location-related, and others have no problem at all.

Thanks so much for sharing!

The original poster responded:

So far I’ve been pretty lucky in that 90% of the guys I’ve been interested in fucking have been more than willing, the ones that don’t are usually either happy to settle for a blow job/tit fucking, or I do something they want to do in exchange for them to fuck my ass… For example, one guy would only fuck me anally if I pissed on him, I thought it was a bit weird but hey anything for the anal 😉

That’s great, and a good example for other girls who have sometimes had difficulty with guys wanting more than anal and asking what to do. It sounds like you’ve got it well figured out and I’m sure you’ll have no problem at all keeping your pussy unused for life!

She again followed up:

Someone asked if I enema before anal, I do yes but I also stretch my asshole every night so it’s sort of a given for me to do one, and it usually happens before I do anal or stretch.

Message: Husband Doesn’t Like Anal That Much

Anonymous: my Husband doesn’t like anal that much. He likes that i’m into it and he likes to finger my ass, but i think He only fucks my ass because i want it. He mostly fucks me that way before cumming in my pussy or my mouth, even though He has to put on a condom for my pussy. He says that my ass feels good and tight if He just fucks my sphincter really shallow, but once He’s in deep, i guess it feels loose, or at least my pussy is tighter. Is there a way i can train my ass to be tighter for Him?

The anal sphincter is really the part you can control, and the parts beyond inside the rectum somewhat less so. Depending on both of your anatomy, if he can get in deep enough, he may be able to reach the bend into your sigmoid colon, which can create a tight sensation on the head of his penis.

You can also try kegel exercises to tighten the rectum and experiment with using those muscles during sex to see what it does for him.

Love Anal Sex Way More After a Month of Anal Only

lilbit39232: One more day of “Anal Only April”…tomorrow I get pussy sex again and I can’t wait. I do admit that I do love anal sex way more now than I used too…after 30 straight days of anal only (at least 3 times a day)…my ass will NEVER be the same, and I love it.

I can virtually guarantee that now you’ve had a taste of it, a few months (or less) will go by and you’ll find yourself beginning to crave the idea of another month of anal only. You might go back and forth with it for a while, then try a longer period of several months. Eventually, your interest in vaginal sex will diminish and you’ll want to become fully anal only.