Message: Going Anal Only Keeps Women More Aroused

Anonymous: I’ve found anal is the best way to keep a woman’s focus where it should be, on pleasing you! My current girlfriend has recently made the transition to vaginal chastity and while it’s been a rough road, she’s starting to get the point. I make sure to fuck her hole nightly and while she’s cried a couple times, she knows her job is to make me cum. She’s liked it so much that she convinced one of her friends to try it and soon I might have two anal sluts to play with! This blog has been a big help!

For those who are into denial and get off on serving others, this can be a great approach to anal only. Anal orgasms can be very pleasurable—more than vaginal for some women—but often are less sating, and the recipients of an anal orgasm may remain somewhat horny after. Going anal only often results in a higher sex drive and the resulting benefits of such.

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