Message: How to Show Anal Only is Normal and Safe?

Anonymous: As a guy who prefers butt hole to vagina I’ve found that most girls, if you treat them right really get into anal. The first time is most important to get right then after a few times they stop worrying and enjoy. I’m even thinking seriously now of talking to my girl about doing the anal only thing. These days I think its almost becoming a normal thing for couples to do that or mostly anal. What’s the best way to show someone its for regular couples and safe to do all the time?

Gradually just slipping into it, having anal more and more until it ends up being all you have anymore often works well. If you both enjoy it, chances are that will happen naturally over time anyway. Making anal really pleasurable for her all the time and talking about how much you enjoy doing it with her and how much it turns you on provide positive reinforcement that it’s a good thing and not something to be ashamed of.

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