Month: March 2015

Anal Quickly Became Normal

andaydaddy: Since you’re strictly an anal slut, you must have played with your ass a lot before you took your first cock.

saddlebacklady: I did! My parents discouraged me in the usual ways from vaginal sex and I grew rather attached to my hymen after reading one too many first time sex scenes in bad romance novels, but I was still curious about penetration so one thing led to another one day and I ended up going exploring with my fingers in the bath! It quickly became normal to me and now you’ve got this blog as a result!

Guys Think They Want Pussy Until They Try Anal

Anonymous: I think the whole reproduction drive still pushes a lot of guys toward pussy. Once they have really good ass, tho, I think they limit it to just reproductive attempts.

analk1ng: Absolutely. Pussy is what guys think they want. Until they get that ass you mention. Then it’s impossible to feel the same way again and even the reproductive drive isn’t good enough. Why limit themselves to the inferior option?

It’s always been that way, only now guys know it’s acceptable to say they prefer anal and don’t have to pretend pussy is the ultimate for sex.

Message: How To Bring Up Going Anal Only?

Anonymous: My question is simple. My girlfriend adores anal and I absolutely love it. But most of the time we have vaginal sex, or at least we do that first. Its fantastic sex but I’m interested in trying AO, How should someone bring up the subject of becoming an anal only couple?

Sorry for the long delay in answering.

First off, you are in a great position where you both like anal. Secondly the fact that you are interested in trying anal only suggests you aren’t fully satisfied with where you both are with your sex life. This is normal, as many guys are also ready to move on from vaginal to the more certain pleasures of anal.

You should start out by making sure anal sex is always the most positive experience you can make for her; any foreplay she likes; her favorite positions; play with her clit while you fuck to make sure she always has an orgasm. Stuff you can do outside of the bedroom also helps put her in the right mood.

Next you need to steer the sex towards anal as often as you can. Say “Do you mind if we go straight to your ass tonight?”, or whatever you think is most effective. Don’t push to hard, but make it your objective to have more anal than vaginal or skip vaginal when possible.

After a while you’ll need to start telling her her good her ass is, how hard it makes you cum. And that you’ve noticed how hard she cums too. Tell her how hot she looks during anal. Let her know how much of a pleasure it is. It’s important that you both talk about it, and eventually you can start dropping hints like “I think I could be a happy man with anal alone”.

Only you will know when to finally drop the question. By this point it shouldn’t come as much f a surprise to her. But remember, you need to frame it in terms of what you do together, as a couple. Always us “we” and not “I” when proposing going anal only. Remind her of the better and more exciting times you have with anal compared to vaginal. Tell her it would be something new to try together. It’s an adventure, something to share.

Sometimes you won’t even have to ask. If you can gradually increase the frequency of anal while always reducing vaginal you may both transition naturally, without even noticing.

Message: Excited About Going Anal Only

Anonymous: I’ve been really excited about the change over to anal only! My boyfriend and I have been playing with it off and on, but I finally agreed to my first full month. No penetration in my pussy, no clitoral stimulation. I really like being dominated so he’s told me I won’t be allowed to cum unless I can do it while he’s fucking my ass. Fingers crossed and wish me luck!

Good luck! Sounds like the two of you will be in for a lot of fun.

Message: How to Show Anal Only is Normal and Safe?

Anonymous: As a guy who prefers butt hole to vagina I’ve found that most girls, if you treat them right really get into anal. The first time is most important to get right then after a few times they stop worrying and enjoy. I’m even thinking seriously now of talking to my girl about doing the anal only thing. These days I think its almost becoming a normal thing for couples to do that or mostly anal. What’s the best way to show someone its for regular couples and safe to do all the time?

Gradually just slipping into it, having anal more and more until it ends up being all you have anymore often works well. If you both enjoy it, chances are that will happen naturally over time anyway. Making anal really pleasurable for her all the time and talking about how much you enjoy doing it with her and how much it turns you on provide positive reinforcement that it’s a good thing and not something to be ashamed of.

Message: Hypnosis for Anal Only

Anonymous: I wanted to ask if anyone here has experimented with consensual hypnosis in order to help with anal only training. To be clear, by this I mean both partners discussing and agreeing enthusiastically on using hypnosis in order to better accommodate anal play.

It’s not something I am familiar with, partly because I don’t put much credence in hypnosis for any purpose. Better to use actual physical techniques that have been proved to work for many people.

There are some anal only hypno trainers floating around on the web, but they’re not extremely common.

Message: I’m His Anal Only Whore And I Love It

Anonymous: My husband has promised to turn me into an anal only whore for him and I love it! Pretty soon, the only reason for my cunt will be to lube up his cock enough to pound my ass! You’re blog is a big help, since it helps get me turned on and wriggling.

Good for you. Accepting that your ass is for sex and your pussy is just decoration and a source of lube is an important step, and I’m sure you’ll find it very fulfilling being anal only. Pussy is outdated and completely unnecessary.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

goodgirlstrainer: Words of wisdom. Pussy is for reproduction only and doesn’t belong in a good girls recreational sex life.

If the front door is closed, try the back

From a student magazine, “The Lantern” comes this article and the authors experiences after a boyfriend requested anal sex:

I needed some input, so I called my friend Jessica who has a lot of expertise in this domain.

She told me it’s painful at first, but now she enjoys it.

Another friend opted to try it because pregnancy isn’t a possibility. It almost appears anal sex is the miracle women have been looking for: being able to enjoy someone else and a built-in birth control without marking up a calendar?!

She concludes with further reader comments and her own feelings about anal:

From the female end, a few women claimed they absolutely loved it, April wrote: “An ex introduced me to it and it was the only way I could get off.”

Men who wrote in said they love it because it’s a tight sensation and they had orgasms.

The truth is anal sex is natural. It’s not barbaric and several heterosexual couples do it, but it has a discouraging stigma attached to it. My friend Jessica gave it a rave review, while other friends who haven’t tried it only assume the worst.

Why does my bf prefer anal sex?

This is from YAHOO! Answers:

Q. i get the idea that my bf really enjoys anal sex? maybe a little too much … should this bother me? and is it safe to do regularly, taking all the precautions of course

A. My boyfriend’s just the same! We have a LOT of anal nowadays. He just loves it like crazy. I don’t have a problem with pleasing him, so I’m good.

It’s not weird or abnormal at all. A lot of guys love the tightness of a girls butt. It’s not dangerous either, as long as you don’t go too hard. Use lots and lots of lube. Good luck!