Discussion of the Day: A woman’s preference for anal

From a recent discussion on Reddit about anal vs vaginal sex:

Female here. I have a preference for anal sex over vaginal sex. I would say that I have anal sex more often than PIV.

I am rather submissive and kinky so it fits right in. Anal sex is so intense, that it makes being in the mental state to orgasm possible. I also really like doggy style, as does my SO.

With anal sex, my SO doesn’t have to pound my cervix.

Entering my vagina does not have the initial overwhelmingly pleasurable sensation as entering the backdoor. After the barrier has been breached, I immediately start in to the “Oh my God, Oh my God… oh my FUCKING gods” frequently interrupted by uncontrollable moaning.

My SO was never really into anal sex but decided to try it once. I was never particularly into anal sex until we tried it. He was hooked after he saw how much more expressive and animated during anal, as am I.

Messiness or accidents have never been a problem and I have lots of anal sex.

Only a few years ago such admissions would not have been made; now many women are comfortable enough with their own sexuality to speak the truth about what is a very common preference for both men and women. And as they speak out, even more are encouraged to either experiment for themselves or share their own love of anal. Suppression and self censorship are never good for the individual or society as a whole.

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