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Anal Sex from a Female Perspective (And why women like it, too.)

str82anal: An interlocutor shares her (female) views on the jubilation of backdoor penetration!

Why woman like it…

Anal sex is one of the most erotic and satisfying sexual practices a woman and her partner can enjoy. Anal sex is a different, tighter sensation than vaginal sex. The rectum, once it’s ready, literally swallows the penis up and can’t get enough. While your man is inside you anally, it can take you to another sexual realm. It’s pretty intense, no matter what, and the increased tightness back there makes it just that much better.

I like my partner to go very slowly while inserting his penis into me. First of all, it allows the anal sphincters to gradually adjust. Secondly, I love the erotic sensation of gradually being filled by his throbbing, erect penis. It feels like I’m swallowing him whole and my anus owns his penis. The anticipation combined with the strange but wonderful sensations is almost too much at first, which is sexually thrilling and challenging. I really like to control the pace by being the one to slowly push back on him at the pace I’m ready to take him until the full length of his penis is inside my rectum.

How it feels…

Anal penetration is an entirely different feeling than vaginal penetration. There’s a lot more pressure just before actual penetration. First, there’s an intense feeling of pressure as the head presses against you, which builds up a feeling of anticipation. Then there’s a release of pure pleasure as the head slips through and passed the anal sphincters and into your rectum. You really notice the change in diameter as the head of his penis moves inside your anus. You feel the length of the shaft sliding in with every nerve ending you have and can imagine. If you’re relaxed enough, it feels otherworldly amazing when he gets through the second sphincter and all the way inside you, filling you with a feeling of fullness that vaginal sex can’t touch.

One of the most exquisite sensations for me of anal sex is when he pulls all the way out and then slides all the way back inside repeatedly. The in-stroke is intensely sensual. I love slow at first, but there comes a point where I want to him to speed up and just take me as hard and as fast as he can. It’s then that I feel completely full and taken sexually. The sensation is very different from having him in my vagina. Everything is so very tight, and the pressure is what causes the amazing pleasure. The anal passage is being stimulated (like my clitoris is inside my anus) while at the same time there is pressure on my G-spot through the back side wall of the vagina.

Why it’s better…

The rectum shares a wall with the vagina, and the sexual nerves are actually closer on that side, which makes the sensation unique, stronger and highly orgasmic. I can orgasm rather quickly after penetration, once the near overwhelming sensation of being full of him inside my rectum dissipates, which is when I want it hard and very deep. It’s an amazing feeling to squeeze my partner’s penis as my anal muscles contract around him. I usually climax so hard and squeeze him so tightly with all my muscles that he has a hard time moving because the sensation is so intense for me. If he stays inside me after I’ve had one orgasm, I can usually have another although I prefer to return to a slower pace for a while until we build up again…and then I let him go wild. When he ejaculates, it’s much better because I can actually feel him shoot whereas, vaginally, I usually can’t. Plus, there are virtually no worries about getting pregnant.

Anal sex can feel absolutely incredible. It’s different in sensation – it’s deep inside, it’s not the clitoris, and isn’t in the vagina, but feels strangely like both in a sort of mixed-up combination in another part of the body. It doesn’t feel like anything else you may have felt before; it’s better. Women who don’t enjoy anal sex are most probably doing it all wrong. And once you do it right, like me, you may never want to have vaginal sex again.

Message: Will Anal Cause Incontinence?

Anonymous: Will anal cause inconteninse? My wife any I both enjoy anal more then vaginal and experience very intense orgasms, however the only reason why we don’t do it more often it concern that it may make her inconsonant in the future?

Not as long as you’re careful and use proper warmup technique. Incontinence is caused by damaged muscles and nerves. Forcing the muscles open aggressively can potentially cause injury (if it’s painful, you’re doing something wrong and could result in damage) but if you warm up first or develop muscle control to relax at will, you should be fine. Developing that control actually strengthens sphincter muscles rather than weakening them.

You should enjoy anal as often as you want—if you prefer it more than vaginal, going anal only sounds like something you should try for a while.

Article of the Day: What Happens When You Try Anal — And Hate It?

This article is a perfect example of how so many guys who have no idea how to properly introduce a woman to anal play and sex end up ruining the pleasures of anal for those women.

When he pushed inside me, my head came up, his name crying from my lips, the invasive press inside sending a red hot flash of pain, worse then I had anticipated, the hiss of his breath and the touch of his fingers across my clit the only things keeping me from squirming.

“Just a few minutes,” the need in his voice kept me in place, the cool squirt of what-must-be lube hitting the place where we met. The pain lessened, a little, his pull out slightly smoother than his entrance.

He developed a rhythm, in and out, in and out, I bit my lower lip and gritted against the pain, the gentle rub of his fingers against my clit causing the whole thing to be almost pleasurable.

Then — a painful minute later — the moment that caused countless arguments.

A slow building, a radiating heat from my ass, the rough slide of him in and out growing, an orgasm coming — stronger and better than any I’d ever — I clenched around him, despite the pain, the groan from his lips pushing me further up that hill.

“Oh God, Chloe. Your ass is so hot —”

If he finished that sentence, I didn’t hear it. My scream, a pent-up release exploding out of me, my entire body seizing as he thrust in, his hand suddenly hard on my clit as he gripped with his hands, held onto my body as I bucked underneath him, the wild orgasm pounded through me as he stopped being cautious and fucked me through it, his moan lost in my scream.

When the explosion stopped, I wanted him out. Immediately. My body went limp, his pull-out wet and sticky, his own orgasm coming somewhere during the stretch of mine, my ass sore and raw, my desire to shower competing with the exhausted refusal of my body.

I swore, despite the orgasm, to never do it again. The pain hadn’t been worth the orgasm, no matter how strong it had been. I never wanted to go through that a second time.

Anal penetration is clearly something she is capable of enjoying and orgasming from, but because her boyfriend just shoved his penis inside without proper preparation and warmup, it was a painful experience that she hated. And that’s a shame. Anal has the potential to be a lot of fun for both partners. Men and women both need to stop treating it like it’s something special for men that women have to suffer through and start treating it like the mutually enjoyable sex act it can and should be.

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What Got You Into Anal?

explorerofcuriosity: Hey Julie what got you into anal!

buttsluttblog: Well, I discovered that my asshole liked to be touched while masturbating. I tried anal with some early boyfriends, who were just as novice as I was, and after a few ineffective experiences, I decided to do some research online. After that, I was much better at it, and then I just continued to work at it until I began to have those really intense anal orgasms everyone talks about. Now, how I got so into anal porn, that’s a story for another time.

-Butt Slutt

Quote of the Day: I Love Being an Anal Only Girl

My boyfriend and I have been doing anal only lately. Anal is a longtime fetish of mine and as I have gotten older it’s become more and more difficult for me to orgasm from vag sex so I’ve grown to love anal more and more. My boyfriend said no woman had ever let him do it before me because of his unusually large girth. I admit even I was apprehensive and it was difficult at first but I loved it with him. Once we started doing it we would start with vag sex and end with anal every time. But we love the anal so much that lately he’s just skipping the vagina and going straight for my ass every time. I find it very erotic! I love being an anal only girl.


Quote of the Day: Best Orgasms From Anal

My wife said hands down her most powerful orgasms are from anal. The first time she had an anal orgasm, she cried. When I first heard her crying I was about to stop thinking she was in pain, but then she stared ramming her backside against me, impaling her own ass on my dick. At that point I spread her cheeks and really started to dig her ass out, it was so hot!


Quote of the Day: Anal Only After Childbirth

Going anal only is a logical choice after childbirth, instead of stopping having sex altogether for a certain period of time. My girlfriend and I did that, and it stuck because she wired herself for anal pleasure and really started enjoying it. She still asks me more regularly to fuck her ass than her pussy, and quite often we do skip the vaginal altogether and have an anal-only session. The asshole feels better than the pussy and is much more kinkier psychologically, so I love it


Breathless: Is Anal Sex No Longer Taboo?

Butt sex is officially on trend. To kick off the fourth season of Girls tonight, Marnie gets bent over a sink and has her butt eaten out—and really likes it. It is strongly implied that anal sex is what we are watching in a certain scene of Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film, Inherent ViceMindy Kaling recently did a whole episode of The Mindy Project on anal sex—which aired, remember, on network TV. And in November, Harvard University offered a workshop called “What What in the Butt: Anal Sex 101.” (Yup. Not a lie.) The class, which was part of the university’s annual “Sex Week,” educated students about the butt as a potential pleasure site for all genders, how to have anal sex well, anal toys, hygiene, and so on. Does all of this mean that anal sex is no longer taboo?

This Vogue article just continues to get better from there, shifting towards the author’s personal experiences. Highly recommended.

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Message: Loosening For Anal

Anonymous: What is the best way to loosen up a girls ass for anal? I want to train my girl’s ass to take my thick cock.

With regular training, starting with fingers and working up to toys. Always use plenty of lube and start small. Try a single finger first. That may be all she’s up for the first time. Once she’s comfortable with the single finger, add a second. Once you’re up to three, try a butt plug that’s about the same size as your three fingers together, or a little bigger. Work up until she can fit the same size as your penis. Every session, spend a little time warming up from the the small sizes again. The anus needs warmup before it’s stretched open or else it will hurt.

Featured Forum Post: Had anal sex for the first time

User JoeBlo shares his first experience with anal sex:

my new girlfriend and i were having sex for the first time yesterday and midway she asked if i had ever had anal before and i said no. i have always been somewhat curious to try it before but have never found a girl willing to. i was so astonished when she asked but felt like i had just found the women of my dreams lol. she told me she loves anal and has it just about every time she has sex, so she told me to put it in.

i had no idea what to expect but when my head entered her sphincter it was the most amazing feeling ever, it was so tight and warm i was sure i was not going to last long lol. since i had never done it i wasn’t sure how deep to go but she told me she is experienced and told me to go all the way in  let me tell you when her sphincter was grabbing the absolute base of my penis and my whole cock disappeared into her ass i thought i died and went to heaven. i could even feel the pressure of her colon wrapping around my head thats how deep i was. the best part wasnt even over yet, that came when she told me she wanted me to cum in her ass, holy crap i almost fainted right there. i am now convinced nothing will rival the feeling of unloading your cum deep inside a girl’s ass. anal is a completely different feeling, in a good way.

sorry if this got a little explicit but damn was that the most amazing thing ever and i really wanted to share it with people who understand. i told her i want to do anal every time, i wouldn’t be surprised if we end up going anal only because she prefers anal.

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