Month: December 2014

Message: Outgrowing the Need for Anal Lube?

alexlayerSmall question: Do you know if a woman that’s really experienced in anal sex would eventually outgrow the need for lubricant, or is it still something that should be always necesary?

The need for lubrication isn’t typically something that you can train away. Even if you develop good muscle control and can easily accept large penetrations, that doesn’t change the fact that the rectum is generally not a self-lubricating organ.

I say “generally” because there is a mild form of lubrication—anal mucus—which some people produce in large amounts and thus do not need artificial lubrication. But that is very uncommon and while those people are very blessed if they enjoy anal sex, most everyone else should always use lube—whether saliva, vaginal juices, or something artificial.

Best Orgasm Ever

anal-sex-only: My first anal sex experience with a girl was in college. My girlfriend had some vagina issues and her doctor said she could not have sex for a month or more. We did some other things but one night we brought up the idea of anal. It took some time to get it going. I knew I enjoyed it and she did too but I didn’t understand how much.

A few days later she was recounting to me how she told her roommate about our anal sex. She told her roommate she had the best orgasms ever. One thing to note.  While I was fucking her ass, I never touched her pussy, clit or anything in that area.  It was cock in her ass and nothing else.

Best orgasms ever.  Those were her words.

Message: Girlfriend and I Used To Be Anal Only

Anonymous: My gf and I used to be anal only, but as time went on we started having vaginal sex more and more. We have anal sex and she enjoys it, but she’s not nearly as receptive to it. Often times, it just doesn’t work for her. Any tips? I’d like to get that sweet ass loving more often.

Do everything you can to make anal as enjoyable as possible for her when you do have it. Play with her clit during, have her use a vibrator, etc. Frequently do something she really enjoys—eat her pussy, perhaps—while fingering her ass. Build up that association of anal stimulation and pleasure and work towards it being something she enjoys and wants even more.

Since you aren’t doing it very often anymore, most likely she needs to gradually start doing it more and more so she can get back into the routine and enjoy it without discomfort or pain and just feel the pleasure.

Message: Going to Try Anal Only For a Month

daddysanalkitten: Wow, this is so hot! I had no idea this was a thing. I have loved anal sex since I was 15. I am 35 now. My boyfriend and I are going to try this for a month thanks to your blog! 🙂

Glad to hear it! I recommend everyone who loves anal to try being anally exclusive for a while. Many people find they don’t actually need vaginal sex and anal can provide all the sexual satisfaction they need, and they get off on the idea of being anal only. Good luck with your month of experimentation! Once you’ve done it for a month, don’t be surprised if you don’t want to go back to vaginal!

Message: Household Butt Plug Alternatives

Anonymous: What things can I use as butt plugs that I may have at my house

I don’t recommend the long-term use of objects not intended as butt plugs, because they aren’t designed with a flange that keeps them in place and there’s a chance you could lose them inside. Better to buy a real one—there are good ones that sell inexpensively at places like Amazon and come in discreet packaging as a result.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

Anonymous: For the anon asking about home made butt plugs: if they’re looking for general use butt toys, I suggest hairbrush and lint roller handles. Pick a small one to start, make sure it’s smooth and non-porous so cleanup is easy. I’d say it’s a good starter option (that’s how I got into anal myself), but you always have to be extra careful when using objects as sex toys…

Message: Always Wanted To Fist My Ass

Anonymous: Ok this question might be a little too much, but I’ve always wanted to fist myself but I can’t quite get there!! Any tips?

Butt plugs. Start with a size slightly larger than what you can fit already and slowly work up to getting it in. Wear it regularly until it’s very easy, then get another that’s larger. Keep going up in size, perhaps no more than ¼” diameter larger each time, until you’ve gotten to around the diameter of your fist. When you do attempt your fist, shape it into the “duck bill” position where all your fingers are held together and taper up towards your knuckles so there’s a gradual size increase rather than a clenched fist, which is larger.

Message: Best Orgasm By The Second Time I Tried Anal

slutknowsherplace: Your blog is amazing, I’m into anal, the first time it hurt a bit but the second time I had one of the best orgasms. Keep it up ?

Thank you. Anal shouldn’t hurt if you do it right—if it does, it means you either aren’t using enough lube or you’re trying to go too big too quickly without enough warmup. Try wearing a butt plug before sex so you can start getting used to an intermediate-sized object and relax a bit before and it should make things easier.

Message: Inspired to Try Anal

yesfortheloveofbdsm: I’ve always preferred blowjobs to vaginal sex because I just never felt the vaginas I’ve penetrated were tight enough for as much enjoyment as I would like so being a Master I have relied on masturbation & receiving blowjobs as the primary form of pleasure & never thought of anal because it just didn’t seem exciting but this blog has inspired me to try anal. I’ve never done it before but from what I see & read here and elsewhere it’s tighter than vaginal so I think I’ll like it. Thanks so much!

Definitely try anal. Many people who don’t enjoy vaginal or can’t get off from it have found anal to be much more satisfying for their needs.