The Cultural Change Lies in the Media

How has homosexual behavior come to be seen as normal in our society? Through the consistent portrayal of gay characters in our media.

I think the day anal sex and an anal only lifestyle will be seen as a normal option in sexuality, will come when our media (tv shows, movies etc.) starts to portray it as such.

The day will come when everyone will see the anus as the main sexual hole and vaginal sex will only serve procreational purposes and people will consider it a weird sexual practice of the past.

This is already starting to be the case. For a long time, anal was just a joke in media, but more recently it has started to be more honestly represented with more realistic and positive portrayals of characters enjoying anal, especially rimming, but also some anal play and sex. The more this continues, the more people will try anal for themselves and learn how enjoyable it is, and the more normalized it will become as a result.

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