Month: October 2014

How Do I Tell Potential Boyfriends I’m Anal Only?

Anonymous: Hello, I really need an advice. I’m a 22 years old virgin woman and I’ve been recently started being interested in the anal only lifestyle. I am a complete virgin (never had any kind of sex, not even oral) and intended to stay like that until marriage. But as I get older I want sex even more, but at the same time I don’t want to break the promise I made myself. So that’s pretty much why I decided to become an AO. But the problem is, how do I tell this to potential boyfriends? Thanks!

analk1ng: You’re wrong in thinking this is a problem. It isn’t.

You don’t have to tell potential boyfriends anything about your sexual preferences. If they are serious about you then they will accept you as you are. And they should count themselves the lucky ones for having a girlfriend willing to commit to AO with them, something that most men can only dream about.

They’ll either be pleasantly surprised or very quickly realize that with something much better available every time the two of you have sex, that they’re never going to miss your vagina at all.

To add to this excellent comment, I would also suggest that you shouldn’t simply do this to “preserve your virginity” until marriage, which still puts your vagina front and center and has it dictating your actions. Instead, just focus on anal and how much fun and pleasure it can give you, and don’t worry about your vagina at all, now or in the future. If you want to children, then use it for that, but otherwise why bother?

Thank You For Anal Training Advice

Anonymous: my wife of 19 years and i have been exploring anal for the past 5 months after years of her resisting. last week we both made more noise during sex than anytime before (and yes, it was anal). she also wanted it two nights in a row. i have to thank you for the training advice that i got here 3 months ago as it has helped move things along in a faster and more pleasurable mode.

You’re very welcome! I’m glad things have worked out well for the two of you.

Is It Weird I Can’t Cum Without Anal?

Anonymous: Is it weird that I can’t cum if I don’t have something in my asshole? :/ my last owner loved anal so I loved it too and I got used to it and now I have to put a dildo in my ass whenever I touch myself

whores-bible: Why would that be weird? It just means that you have realized that your asshole is just as if not more important than your cunt when it comes to sex.

Message: Would Love To Be Anal Only, But My Pussy Craves Sex

philamoxie: I would love to get fucked in my tight ass all day, EVERYDAY, but my cunt is just soooooo hungry and greedy and NEEDS to be filled. How do I make my pussy stop aching for cock and cum?

Gradual practice. Start with a short period of several days where you’ll have an opportunity to get lots of anal sex and don’t have any vaginal sex at all during that period. Repeat that several times when you get the chance, then bump it up to a full week sometime. Eventually try for a whole month, and if you can make it through that there’s a good chance you can go longer.

No Pussy November, coming up in a couple weeks, is the perfect time to start experimenting with this.

Message: Society Views Anal As Demeaning

deep-and-lovely: Another reason its hard to find women who like AND admit to liking anal sex is because society still views it as demeaning. It happens a lot here too. Anal pictures and gifs are often accompanied by agressive, humiliating comments. I understand that this is a fetish for a lot of people, and I respect that. It simply saddens me how much it overlaps with anal, because we can’t have a world where anal is normal and taboo free, AND a guilty, kinky secret pleasure at the same time.

Message: Why Is It Hard To Find Women Who Love Anal?

Anonymous: Why is it sooo hard to find a woman that loves anal sex? My last girlfriend of 3 years craved it and now that’s all I crave!

Many women have either had bad experiences with a partner who didn’t know what they were doing and caused her pain, or they’ve heard stories from other people about the same. In general, a woman who experiences anal done properly and discovers the pleasure that can come from it will want to do it again. Not everyone will want to exclusively have anal sex, but most people who enjoy it will want it as a regular part of their sex life.

Message: Should I Use A Butt Plug?

Anonymous: So me and my boyfriend have started doing anal, it hurt at first but after some time it felt amazing. I was wondering if I should buy an anal plug to keep it from tightening all the way back up, or what do you recommend?

Yes you should. You don’t have to wear the plug all the time (unless you want to), but a plug worn for a while before having sex, and on days when you aren’t having sex, can do wonders for helping to get and keep you relaxed. Regular anal masturbation either with fingers or a dildo, or playing with your clit and pussy while wearing a plug, can help to keep you ready for anal as well.