Can Barely Keep Up With Girlfriend Now That She Loves Anal

adambombxbl-blogSo my girl made it over the “anal milestone” where it no longer hurts or so she told me. Now its all she wants and holy fuck I set my own record of shagging her 6 times in 1 day. I can barely keep up! Suggestions?

giadonna: first off, congratulations on finding yourself a good girl! all i can say is fuck her as much as you can, and when you cant, i always enjoy when my man plays with my ass while i get myself off. use a toy and slide it in and out of her asshole teasingly while she plays with her clit or vibrator on her pussy. and, for me at least, dirty talk always makes it hotter. or you could always play the ” i’m holding out on you” game if youre worn out. If she really wants it, she’ll do all sorts of sexy, playful, flirty thing to get your attention because her body needs to be filled with hard cock. horny girls are like cats in heat, showing off their goodies and making it obvious what they want done to them. hope i helped… xxx- gia

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