Message: Anal Only is “Our Special Little Secret”

Being ‘anal-only’ is most definitely a niche, but I have found many women who would otherwise be vaginally centred sexually, to be very open to solely anal conversion if it’s presented as ‘our special little secret’ The concept that she’s doing what is considered to be taboo for the rank and file is turn-on enough, but to be doing it exclusively, as your ‘special girl’ can have a an even greater effect. Of course, this won’t be the case for every woman, but I have found the open-minded ones are generally conducive to being converted.

My current GF, an anal virgin at age 30, until she met me, would definitely be confused if I wanted vaginal penetration nowadays. If we are having sex she rolls onto her belly and spreads her cheeks as if it’s the natural thing to do; which to her it actually is. And she has learned to draw pleasure from anal intercourse too – a little stimulation of her clitoris can lead to some explosive anal orgasms, though I have always found this takes sustained deep thrusting to loosen her fully.

I don’t expect EVERY woman to want or like anal, but I’m only interested in the ones who DO!

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