Month: April 2014

Message: Best Positions For First Time Anal

Anonymous: I have no desire to have vaginal sex. I have been prepping myself for anal. What are some recommended positions for a first timer? I’ve heard spooning, cowgirl, and even modified missionary (legs over shoulders).

Cowgirl is one of the best positions when you’re first starting out because you can be in control of how fast and at what angle he penetrates you. It’s also just a good position in general to relax the area.

Message: Never Got What All the Fuss Was About Vaginas

Anonymous: I’m a straight male but for me a pussy is just…meh. A nice ass and a nice round anus on the other hand, is super hot. Much better to feel, finger, lick or fuck. Honestly, I never got what all the fuss was about vaginas when there is something so much better just next to it. This is why I always ask for anal from a girl if I can get it and I’ve learned that once you get started they usually enjoy it. I think it’s strange how most of the world still carries on with plain vanilla PIV. Do you?

Agreed completely. I personally am not turned off by how a pussy looks… I just don’t want to fuck them. I like the look of an unfucked pussy and a well-fucked ass. An asshole both looks and feels (much) better when fucking, and I find myself completely turned off by the idea of vaginal sex these days simply because I know there’s something so much better right next to it. It always bothers me when people say “why would anyone want to have anal sex when there’s a better hole that nature intended beside”, because for us the complete opposite is true.

Message: Training Myself to Orgasm From Anal Only

867532788799869805I want to train myself to come through anal only. I’m happy with my clitoris, but coming from anal only sounds hot as fuck, and i’d like to see if i can do it. Right now penetration doesn’t give me enough pleasure to get there, though, but I was wondering if doing penetration *after* a long session of clitoral “edging” (keeping myself at the edge of orgasm) would make my clit, labia and surrounding area “tender” enough that anal would make me come. I don’t know if that counts as AO though…

That approach is certainly a possibility to try and train yourself, and I think it’s worth trying. It’s not really an anal only orgasm, but since the point is using it to learn to have an anal only orgasm, I think it fits within the general anal only lifestyle. It seems plausible that it might work.

For many, the approach they have to use to reach anal only orgasm is to abstain from clitoral and vaginal stimulation entirely and only have frequent anal sex. This can take months for some, but something about being really horny and being unable to get pleasure any other way can trigger the ability to cum from anal.

Now, you don’t have to jump straight in to cutting yourself off from all clitoral stimulation long term—it’s good to ease into these sorts of things and start small. Try going a week without playing with your clit and see what happens when you have anal. If you can’t go any longer without release, do a reset, otherwise go for another week, and so on. It can be frustrating and it can take time, but people have reported success with this approach.

Good luck!

Message: Problems With Deep Anal?

Anonymous: I have been asking things here for a while now, but I feel this is the best place to ask as I have followed this blog for a while now and practice healthy and enjoyable anal sex. My question is: I have never gone all the way in my girlfriend’s ass. I’m 6.5″ but I only penetrate about 3″ max. Are there any side effects for the girl from going deep in her ass, and is it ok to cum in deep?

Anal sex for most people occurs within the rectum, which varies in length from person to person, with an average of about 4.7″. At the upper end of the rectum, there is a sharp bend to the person’s left and it transitions into the sigmoid colon. When an object (a penis or a dildo or what have you) bumps into that bend, it can at times be painful for the person but generally does not cause harm simply to bump into it without being forceful.

If you are gentle and the person is able to relax enough, it can be possible to (temporarily) straighten that bend, assuming your penis is longer than their rectum, and penetrate into the sigmoid colon. This can potentially be very pleasurable for both people if done correctly, but care must be taken to avoid hurting the person being penetrated.

There is also a higher chance of encountering fecal matter beyond that bend. The rectum generally remains empty except right before one feels the need to go to the bathroom, but the colon itself may contain fecal matter that hasn’t yet progressed into the rectum.

If you have not reached the end of the rectum and are simply staying within its first 3 inches, there is no risk from deeper penetration of the rectum, and there is no problem with deep ejaculation either.

Message: Anal Only, But Like Double Penetration

My boy and I often had a friend join us in bed. I love the fullness of DP! I almost always come from it. I was never into anal until that friend convinced me, despite his large size, much to the delight of my boy. 🙂 After a couple months I could take him fully and we started doing DP’s. Mind blowing! When my boy and I were alone we were basically anal-only.

His friend had to move away a year ago since then we’ve been AO – and strictly AO for 9 months now. It’s really great, and a hot naughty kinda chastity – love thinking about how long I’ve gone without a boy up front – I can’t wait to hit the 1 year anniversary! I do crave the fullness his larger friend provided so my boy adds a few fingers at times to heighten the intensity (while calling me a slut for letting his friend ruin me, lol :). I have come a few times with that without even touching my clit (and my boy comes from fucking my ass every time, so I know he loves it too 🙂 We’d be happy being AO forever, probably.

But, we’ve recently found another guy to join us. It’s been great – he’s about the same size as my guy, so much smaller than his other friend (so he adds fingers too, lol!). I did love the DP’s and I miss the fullness thrill I got from it, but I don’t want to break my anal-only ‘lifestyle’ I’ve  commited to. Both AO and DP  are thrilling but I’d have to chose one or the other, and I’d mess up my AO streak! When 1 year hits I might cave in to a DP… frustrating! What should I do?

I would, of course, recommend that you stay anal only instead of allowing DPs. Even you don’t seem to really want to break your anal only streak, and I’d say why settle for one year of anal only when you can have two, or five or…? If you get off on the chastity aspect of it, try amplifying that by forbidding vaginal/clit stimulation at all and training yourself to have pure anal orgasms even more frequently.

Another option, especially if you’re capable of larger anal insertions, is to work up to being able to receive double anal, with both fucking your ass at the same time. This would allow double penetration while staying anal only. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re already able to fit a larger penis it might be something you could try.

Ultimately, you’ll have to decide whether receiving DPs (as opposed to DAPs) is important enough to you that you want to give up being anal only. There are also those who consider DPs an acceptable part of being anal only as long as the vagina is never penetrated except as part of a DP. I don’t subscribe to that personally, and think that if you’re getting vaginally penetrated you’re not anal only.

Message: Will Wearing a Butt Plug Have a Negative Effect?

Anonymous: I have submitted my personal experience for a while now, but now I am nervous about something else too. Frankly, we are not a 100% anal only couple. She has a small butt plug she bought before we tried anal. Now she says she likes to wear it for a while, not for long, like a hour or may be half an hour when she cooks or doing simple house work, but even she is curious about it—is it going to have a negative effect somehow in her ass?

No. There is no indication that even long term butt plug wear (days, weeks, months at a time with only several minute breaks) causes harm. It’s possible that a very large toy could cause harm to someone not prepared for it, but it’s likely going to cause discomfort far, far, far before any harm occurs. A small, comfortable plug can safely be worn even all day or longer with no issues at all (and it helps train the anal muscles, making future anal sex and pleasure easier).

Message: False Rumors About Anal Sex

There are so many girls out there spreading things claiming anal sex not good or that girls never should try it, entirely because of their own bad experiences. But the problem is not anal sex, the problem is how they tried it. My GF and I have been enjoying anal for some months now, and she is not complaining about so called bad experiences. So I say stop spreading rumors if you don’t like it. It is your loss. Let others enjoy it, as they should be. Others should share their personal thoughts about this too, including if your girl enjoys it.