Message: Tried It and Liked It

Well I had anal sex with GF for the first time (first for both of us) and Im pretty sure that was a totally rocky play and she did not enjoy it as she expected and I might made couple a mistakes. But she said she felt something new which she wants try more.(if she did not felt that. that would be the end of the anal play for both of us for sure)So we did it for the second time.Well for the second time she said she can get used to it and can really enjoy it too.Third time was a bliss for her it is like some thing new in her just born. coz I’ve never seen that she act before in sex like when we had our third anal try. Since then we had sex only couple time in vigina. I’m looking forward to the fourth time and pretty sure she does too.But Im not rushing it. Let the urge of her increase day by day 😀 Then only anal for the first time..let see what would she say 😉

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