Message: Girlfriend Craving Anal, I’m Nervous To Try

Recently my GF has some chat with her friends who got married and having anal some times. And one of them is only doing anal(as she said whether it is true or not). So with those things she is craving anal which we both never done before. I’m bit nervers and have less confidence how to do this and especialy not want to disapoint her..She is recently using small plugs and she is loving that so much..but I’m still nervers about it??? (Also I’m a huge fan of anal porn too 😛 just not sure to try it)

Don’t be foolish, try it. You want it. Your girlfriend wants it. This is your shot. Read up on it together, learn proper technique, start slowly just playing with her ass without having sex yet, and go from there as she’s comfortable with it.

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