Message: Love Anal, How To Shift to Anal Only?

Anonymous: Hi there. I’m a recent convert to anal sex, and wow i can see now why you talk about anal only. Its incredible. Like all the advice says we use a lot of lube and my girlfriend has no problems at all. If i try to get her to switch full time, is it best to just be honest or be gradual about it? Even though shes enjoying it (twice weekly for now) can you do too much starting out?

It’s definitely possible to overdo it at the beginning and get sore. But if you take things relatively slowly and build up to being able to handle a week of anal only, warming up properly each time and using lot of lube, chances are that longer periods of anal only are feasible as well.

It depends on how much she likes it initially, somewhat. If she loves it, bringing up that you want to try doing, say, a week of nothing but anal has a shot of working. Otherwise, just work anal in more regularly and build up to where you’re doing it half or more than half of the time and then bring up going fully anal for a while.

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