Weird to Only Have Anal? Boyfriend Wants Vaginal

A young woman at says:

I […] have been having sex with my bf for almost a year now. But I have only had anal sex with him, and only with a condom. (It did hurt at first, but now I really enjoy it.) My bf says it’s wierd that we only have anal, and wants to have vag

This is a clear indication that increasingly among women, anal is seen not as something strange but a valid form of sexual expression, equal to vaginal. Surprisingly it is often young men who have to catch up and adopt a more modern and enlightened outlook.

Sadly, most of the responses are badly informed and hark back to an era that should be forgotten. They assume it’s only temporary; she’s trying to preserve her virginity; she doesn’t want to get pregnant.

Sure, the last is a valid benefit, but most people choose anal over vaginal due to the increasing intimacy and sexual pleasure not for the above.

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