Month: December 2013

Every Month is Anal Sex Month with These Simple Tips

A pretty good guide to anal sex on xoJane:

I love everything about butt sex. I love having it, talking about it, fantasizing about it. I love, especially, the phrase “butt sex,” which delivers a feeling as satisfying as the “Wham Bam Thank you Ma’am” part of “Sufragette City.”

It’s not perfect, e.g. suggesting you can’t have anal sex with a large penis, which is absurd—it just requires more training beforehand.

I probably never would have discovered the joy of painless anal if I hadn’t gotten down with one of those dudes who is into anal as a sort of lifestyle choice. He was such a b-hound that he knew exactly what he was doing – I just had to lay back and let him get me turned on, lubed up, stretched out and then pop that sucker in like it was no thing. I think of him as sort of an anal whisperer. Letting a guy like this initiate you into the world of butt sex can be excellent.

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Message: Want Anal Only Without Pleasure

Anonymous: I want to have anal only without having pleasure, that's why I want it so men can take their pleasure from my ass and leave me wanting. Is that possible?

This blog’s focus is more on mutual pleasure through the exclusivity of anal sex, so it may not be the best place for such a question, but I’ll do my best.

Do you already have anal sex, and do you enjoy it? If you do enjoy it, I don’t really know what you could do to reach your goal. If you don’t enjoy it and that’s what you want, keep on having it and enjoy not enjoying it. It is likely you will develop the ability to get pleasure from it over time, however.

If you haven’t yet had anal, you probably need to try it before going any further to figure out where to start from.

Another thing is to avoid any vaginal or clitoral stimulation during anal to avoid forming any pleasurable associations.

Message: Anal For First Time in 2 Years

Anonymous: Last night my lover & I had anal for the first time in almost 2 years. There was a sex toy store that had just opened by where we live and we invested in a glass anal dildo and the finest lube (über lube). My lover ate my just waxed pussy and played with my bum until I was wet and ready. He inserted the toy. He stroked in and out so slow and deep I can vaginally and anally. He then lubed up his member and inserted it in me. Best string of orgasms I’ve had ever. #BigBootyBabeWhoLovesAnal

That sounds like a good sign that you shouldn’t go so long without anal the next time!

Message: No Pussy November 2013 Review

I wrote an anon update a couple weeks ago but here’s the official announcement that my wife and I (the2beans in various internet areas) successfully went anal-only for all of November. It was the most amazing sexual experience of my life and I know she received great pleasure all the while also.

We had anal last night (the final night of Nov) and after we finished, I told her that she had accomplished a big achievement and then told her about the No-Pussy November drive and how we’d just succeeded in the effort. She was surprised, not realizing until then that it had actually been five weeks since we had vaginal sex, and was very proud of our accomplishment, knowing that few people in the world will have done the same. So proud was she in fact, that 30 minutes later she grabbed my hand and led me back into the bedroom for another go since she was still cleaned and stretched and ready to fuck.

We were already on a good anal kick before November started anyway, but the November drive did give me some added motivation to try to really keep her pleased and coming back for more. So thanks for that. 🙂

Message: Girlfriend and I Want to Try Anal This Weekend

jasonxgilmoreMy girlfriend is open to anal and I want to try it with we this weekend when we go stay at a cabin. Advice on how to start?

It’s best to start slowly, often with fingers, toys and lots of lube. She should have a moderately small butt plug (1 – 1.5 inch diameter) that she begins experimenting with, both during oral or vaginal sex and on her own. She should wear this for increasingly longer periods of time until it’s comfortable to keep it in for 15 to 20 minutes or more no problem.

Before attempting actual anal sex, it’s really best for her to be able to comfortably fit something the same diameter as your penis into her anus, but people do successfully go more quickly, so it’s really whatever works best for each couple. When starting out, always use lots of lube and go as slowly as you need to avoid pain on her part. At the very least, start with one finger, then add another when she’s ready, then a third.

There are many other more broad anal sex guides out there as well, including some posted on this site.

Can I Use Anal Sex as Birth Control?

Absolutely yes. Besides the mutual pleasure, one of the principal benefits of anal sex is that it is a simple, practical and natural method of birth control. It has been used throughout the ages, in every part of the world, to this end. And often, this has been the gateway, or introduction for many couples to the delightful world of anal sex.

An article at discusses the subject.

I feel they downplay the benefits while confusing the issue by getting distracted by STI’s.

As one of the readers comments:

I think the author is being deceptive, and this smacks of an agenda. It is very, very unlikely for a woman to get pregnant from anal sex. The odds are so extremely low of getting pregnant from anal sex, that it is comparable to contraceptive methods like condoms or birth control pills.

Furthermore, you don’t get STDs from anal sex. You get a STD by having sex with someone who has an STD, and this can be via oral, vaginal, or anal sex. If you and your partner are free of STDs and do anal sex, then you will not catch an STD.

No Pussy November 2013 is Over!

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should stop the anal exclusivity. If you and your partner had a great time and aren’t missing vaginal sex all that much, why not take this opportunity to jump into the anal only lifestyle full time?

Submit your experiences over the last month with us, ask any questions about going full time, or post more in-depth content and questions at our forum.