Message: Effects of Anal Sex on Hemorrhoids

Anonymous: So I would love to perform anal on my gf, I myself like a prostate stimulator. We have used a small plug and my fingers on her, plenty of lube. All seemed well to me. She said it was painful and then told me he has hemorrhoids and was embarrassed to tell me. After the anal play they flared up and caused her discomfort and bleeding and was not fun. I would like to try again, kinda given up on my penis as girth is large, any suggestions?

Anal sex and hemorrhoids are one of those things where there’s a lot of conflicting information. Some people insist anal sex causes or makes hemorrhoids worse, while others say it’s possible to comfortably have anal with hemorrhoids or even that anal helps cure them.

In the short term, starting out, anal penetration can be physically stressful on the region while the recipient has a difficult time relaxing to allow easy entry, which may make hemorrhoids worse if it’s overdone.

In the long term however, it increases muscle control and makes it easy to relax and open up without strain, which can be a positive factor with hemorrhoids.

Ultimately, consulting a doctor and additional sources is the best approach with something like this.

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