Any other girls who stayed exclusively with anal?

A young woman writes:

I […] have been having sex with my bf for almost a year now. But I have only had anal sex with him, and only with a condom. (It did hurt at first, but now I really enjoy it.) My bf says it’s wierd that we only have anal, and wants to have vag, or at least have anal without a condom (since there’s not much chance of getting pregnant if we do it missionary). I’m not sure I am ready for either, but am kinda interested in not using a condom. (We were both “firsts” for each other, so I am not really worried about STDs.) Are there any other girls out there who have only had anal and stayed with that awhile, or is my bf right???

A really positive indication that changing sexual attitudes are coming from the young, and that we can expect things to improve with the next generation. They just need the right support and education to see that there is nothing “weird” in doing what you enjoy with the one you love.

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