Message: Wife Agrees to Go Anal Only

Anonymous: Hi there, a few days ago I discovered your blog and I found it inspiring. I made the courage to ask my wife to go anal only and she agreed, which made me doubtful. Two years ago she never wanted to hear about anal, but bit by bit we started to do it 4 months ago. For the last 2 months, we did mostly anal and that’s why I decided to “pop the question”. When I asked her how does she feel about it, she said it’s “convenient” for us and she doesn’t mind A or V. “Convenient”??? Is that good or bad?

Congratulations! You have a wonderful wife.

Lots of women start out with the default position “I’m never going to like anal”, but once gently introduced they can slowly warm to it. In many cases coming to prefer it over vaginal.

However, the psychology for some (not all) is that having backed themselves into this position, it can be awkward to openly admit at first to liking anal. So we get “neutral” words like “convenient”, which give assent without having to come out and say so.

So my take on this is that its a good sign. After all, she says he doesn’t mind A or V

You’re both going to have a great time going anal only.

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