Message: Even More Anal Only Sex Education

Anonymous: I agree that how I phrased it is too much detail and parents should be more diplomatic. But I think parents should try to influence some of their kids’ choices, particularly if popular culture is misinforming them. Or maybe I just believe too strongly that a very active sex life focused on anal while eliminating vaginal altogether is best. I also think that we need to get people, starting with youth, into the habit of assuming sex means anal. Vaginal should be a kinky fetish.

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One response to “Message: Even More Anal Only Sex Education”

  1. Eirini says:

    I fully agree! Anal education and anal masturbation education must start very early before the gang of vagina attack…
    Anal is the best birth control and has to be the only sex until controlled pregnancy is needed.
    Girls and Boys can find their true anal potential if they learn the benefits early and completely avoid the vagina sex masturbation ideology.

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