Preferring anal sex normal, or is something wrong with me?

A young woman writes:

My boyfriend and I met three years ago. We were both virgins at the time and in high school. We only had anal sex because I didn’t want to get pregnant. We both enjoyed it and I could even have great orgasms.

Now we’re in college, and I got a prescription for birth control. When we tried sex in my vagina, we were both disappointed. It just didn’t seem that good compared to anal sex. It feels good and all, but I can’t even orgasm from it. We’ve been trying it off an on for a few months now, but both really prefer anal sex?

Could there be something wrong with me, or do some women just prefer anal sex?

Naturally after enjoying anal sex, the feeling of vaginal sex may feel muted and unexciting. They had had no preconceptions before, about which would be better for them, but still societal ‘norms’ have caused them to have undue concerns.

One person even suggest they make a rule about having less anal sex as an attempt to force them into liking vaginal. Why, when they are happy doing what comes naturally to them?

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