Month: September 2013

Quote of the Day: Finally Tried Anal, Actually Really Enjoy It

My husband tried to convince me forever and I never wanted to and for some reason I finally gave in. But I actually really enjoy it, we just use a lot of lube. I can understand how some can be grossed out by it and how it can be painful at first but you honestly just have to relax ALOT and it’s fine. The first few minutes of it might be a little uncomfortable but you definitely have to communicate with your partner about how hard, fast, when to stop, etc. Its definitely fun for us!

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A girl’s guide to anal sex

At, Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, a gynaecologist believes:

more women should give anal sex a try

And also that:

Women who don’t enjoy anal sex, she says, are probably doing it wrong.

Read her sensible tips and advice, as well as her dispelling many of the myths about anal sex. Be sure to continue reading to page 2, and also many of the interesting comments also submitted to the article.

The most intimate of acts?

One difference between anal and vaginal which is consistently reported by people (other than the enhanced pleasure) is the greater intimacy that anal sex provides.

Cosmopolitan mentions the intimacy factor when discussing why guy’s are obsessed with anal sex:

On an emotional level, a guy might be into anal because of how intimate it is

Psychologytoday says:

 the special attention to preparation, serves as an intense form of foreplay, heightening excitement, extending the sexuality and sensuousness of the encounter, and, not incidentally, increasing the chances that the woman will have an orgasm, through the extended foreplay and stimulation.

While also recognizing that:

When a woman is willing to engage in anal sex with her lover, it is usually coming from a place of significant trust and love of her male partner.

As is often the case, the comments are usually more revealing than the article itself. This 25 year old women says:

The most arousing thing to me is experiencing my husband’s arousal

One blogger often discusses the subject of intimacy in anal sex as she explores the reasons for it.

Whatever the reasons for this greater intimacy, many more people are turning to anal sex in order to enjoy greater fulfilment, forge a deeper connection with their partner, or simply because they are disappointed by the superficial release that vaginal sex provides.

Quote of the Day: The Intimacy of Anal Spooning

My husband and I’s favorite position is spooning. It is so intimate and I love how deep inside me he can get. I also love it cause he can reach around and stimulate my clit. The combination of him holding me and the feeling of him deep in my ass is incredible.

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Anal Stimulation and Anal Sex

For those just starting out with anal sex or curious about exploring the possibilities of anal stimulation with their partner, take a look at this straightforward guide at

They recognize the rising interest and acceptance of anal sex.

Anal sexual activity is a taboo subject for many people. Yet, just as oral sex was a few decades ago, anal sex and other forms of anal play have come into more favor in recent years.

They start out talking about how to stimulate the area with fingers and then go on into further depth and discuss penetration and how it should be:

The woman’s anus will actually relax and open if you go slowly and let her set the pace.

For there is no reason why anal sex need to be forced or painful.

Message: Thought I Was Weird For Preferring Anal

malalooI seriously thought I was weird or something until I found this blog! Holy shit! I have literally zero interest in vaginal sex and it actually kind of turns me off. It’s awesome that other people are all about it too.

Welcome to the club. There are a lot of us out there who prefer anal over vaginal, we just haven’t been admitting it publicly until recently. The more people come out about their anal preferences, the more accepted it will be and the more people will be able to find partners who satisfy their needs.

Message: How to Get Girlfriend to Try Anal?

ironlion8How do I get my girlfriend to try anal?

Have you brought it up at all? Has she openly expressed disinterest? Have you incorporated any sort of anal stimulation into your sex life? Try gently rubbing the outside of her anus with your thumb during oral or penetrative sex, or straying away from her pussy during oral and lick her asshole. If she doesn’t like it and tells you to stop, you probably won’t convince her to try anal otherwise, but if she does like it you may have a chance. People who haven’t experienced anal penetration are often hesitant out of fear that it hurts or is dirty. If you can show her that it’s pleasurable, then she might be willing to try it. If she likes external stimulation, ask her if you can insert a (lubricated) finger during oral or vaginal sex and experiment with that for a while. You can read other posts on this blog for additional ideas for building up towards having full blown anal sex.

Message: Wanting Anal Only is Not Unhealthy

analk1ngI have to disagree with miss-van-der-rohe. Why is it limiting to do what you enjoy the most? Why is it unhealthy or an issue to have a preference for women’s anuses over vaginas. It’s just a difference that’s all. Saying it’s an issue is almost as bad as saying gay men are unhealthy because they aren’t attracted to women at all. Plus lots of women also like only anal sex – are they also unhealthy in her eyes?

It all comes down to personal choice and preference. We who identify as anal only prefer anal. We don’t encourage forcing that preference onto anyone, but we do encourage other people try going anal only for themselves and then with that experience of having tried it, see for themselves what they think about it.

The acceptance of anal sex

While there are still some negative perceptions of anal sex, from both men and women, in general attitudes are shifting little by little.

Even better, some people are seeing anal sex as a normal and natural expression of sexual desire, just like vaginal is, and therefore something to be embraced.

Just to take one example:

I’m a woman,28 and have to say that I have always let the guy I was with put it in there. And it’s not as bad as these ladies say,as long as the lady taking it relaxes and pushes out. And as far as the but “not being designed” for anal sex why do guys always check out my pert sexy butt as I walk by. They obviously want to put it in there that’s part of being a guy!!!