Message: Questions for Those in an Anal Only Relationship

Anonymous: I have so many questions for those who choose this lifestyle – was it hard to win over your SO or did you meet someone who already wanted just anal? Do you ever miss anything about vaginal? Or do you think less about it as time goes by? Do you consider exclusive anal something for everyone or just a fetish? What is it about anal you like so much: how it feels? or looks? or something else?

The anal only lifestyle works best in a relationship where both partners are well acquainted with anal sex already and both enjoy it. In general, one approaches the other with the idea and they try it for a shorter period of time first. Many couples approach it slowly and see how they like it, without making any long-term pledges up front. And many find they don’t miss vaginal sex and end up switching fully to anal. Often the biggest concern for women who love or prefer anal is the longer term effects of having it regularly with no breaks, but once they realize that once you’ve gotten used to having it regularly, there is little to no soreness after unless you really overdo it.

I think anal is something anyone can come to love and even prefer, but many people aren’t willing to put in the time to learn how to enjoy it at the same level as vaginal. Everyone owes it to themselves to try, though, in my opinion, because great pleasure can be found there. Women who don’t get much pleasure from vaginal penetration itself and need clit stimulation along with it can often go either way, and since anal penetration enhances orgasms for many, it often wins out. In other cases, their clitoral nerves sometimes extend into their rectum, allowing them to have orgasms just from anal sex alone while they are unable to vaginally.

But it can definitely be a fetish for some as well. Some get off on it because they like denying themselves the use of a part of their body, in a sense a form of chastity. Others like the idea of subverting their body’s natural function, training themselves to prefer anal stimulation over vaginal.

I like anal for many reasons. I love how it looks so much more than vaginal penetration. The tightness and cleanness of an anus clamped down around a penis is much more visually appealing than the looser looking folds of a vagina being penetrated, and it seems better designed to fit a penis. It feels much better as well: tighter, and just somehow better in an indescribable way. The semi-chastity fetish of avoiding vaginal sex to exclusively have anal appeals to me as well. Overall, I’ve just been more attracted to girls’ buttholes than their vaginas for as long as I’ve liked girls.

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