Wife wants anal all the time

A husband says:

This one may seem a little odd… My wife has incredible orgasms when I’m butt-fucking her. Because of that, she wants anal sex ALL THE TIME. I know that anal sex is HOT, but not all the time… Anybody else have this, er, problem?

It is strange that he thinks this is a ‘problem’. Once more this is probably a case of someone just needing confirmation from others that to have anal sex all the time is acceptable for a man, as he is perhaps a little confused by his own feelings.

Here is one of the many answers:

I had a girlfriend like this. The reason was because she didn’t really seem to get any sort of sexual stimualtion from her clitoris. Not all women do. Because of this lack of stimulation in her clit, she had to explore other sexual areas… and it turns out that her pooper was the magic spot! And I can’t say I ever had a problem with that. The feeling of her asshole gripping on my pecker all the time was pure bliss.

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