Guys, do you think anal feels better than vaginal intercourse?

This is the question asked by a young woman who wants to get an idea how different men feel about anal sex.

One man answers honestly:

Anal all the way! Sure it’s dirty, but when you are in a long term relationship and you’ve done the routine things for many years, anal will be better than a good blowjob. With anal, I can stay hard for 3+ hours. Why is it better? Its tighter, it’s warmer, has more texture and if your wife is relaxed, you can go much deeper.

Anal sex is often the best way to go in a long term relationship, where both partners know and understand each other. In time, as they get used to it many couples find themselves drifting more towards anal only.

Of course not everyone is the same but most men have very positive feelings about anal sex. Women should not be alarmed by this, and indeed many feel proud that they are the source of such pleasure and desire and embrace this side of their sexuality.

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