Message: Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Go Anal Only

Anonymous: My girlfriend and I have been together for five years. Anal has always been an important part of our relationship. However, when I recently told her I want anal only, she was very upset and insists we keep doing vaginal as well. I suggested we use toys for her vaginal needs, but she still wont consider it. I love my gf but her close-mindedness is jeopardizing our relationship. Any suggestions for overcoming her fear and ignorance about anal only?

All involved parties need to desire an anal only relationship in order for it to work. All I can suggest is to focus on making sure it’s especially pleasurable for her when you have anal. Rub her clit during anal, and use fingers or a toy up her ass while you (frequently) eat her out.

Try asking if she’ll do shorter stretches of anal only, over a weekend, or for a week. Or, this next month (August), which is National Anal Sex Month, ask if she’ll try having nothing but anal with you for the duration in celebration of that month.

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