Anal Sex Techniques

Once you and your partner have become comfortable with regular anal sex there are some different techniques you may want to try.

Some of these may even be beneficial if you are considering going anal only and wish to enhance your lovemaking.

The article includes this useful tip:

Don’t always use the bedroom. With practice and repetition, you may find you don’t need to go through as much preparation for anal sex. Some women, with a fair amount of experience, find they only need to apply some lubrication to their partner’s penis and they are ready. Keep small packets of lubricant on you at all times since you never know when your partner may want to “bend you over.”

For it really is a myth that anal sex requires that much more preparation time or is in any way more difficult to perform. The rectum is generally clear and clean, and even without ‘proper’ lube even saliva is sufficient for a woman to admit her lovers penis should the situation demand it. You really can have anal sex any time, anywhere, just as you would have done vaginally.

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