Message: How To Broach The Subject of Anal Only

Anonymous: She knows how much I love anal. The question is how do I introduce the idea that I would prefer anal in future without hurting her getting hurt feelings? How did others start to discuss ending vaginal sex with their other half? Feeling nervous and not sure how she’ll react so mature and sensible answers please.

Why not start by suggesting a weekend of nothing but anal? Don’t necessarily mention it as part of a long term plan, just play it by ear and see what she thinks about the idea. If she’s open to it, pack that weekend with as much anal sex as you can, but also spend a lot of time focusing on her pleasure alongside the anal, making her cum as often as you can. You want to make it an amazing, unforgettable experience so that a few weeks to a month later if you suggest it again, she jumps at the opportunity.

Ultimately, the desire to go anal only has to be mutual for there to be any success. What you can do is encourage smaller sessions of anal only and focus on making anal sex even more enjoyable for her than vaginal, and see where things go from there.

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