Month: June 2013

Quote of the Day: Anal Felt Amazing

A boyfriend in college introduced me to anal sex. Until that time I had only had oral and vaginal sex. He was good sized, but after plenty of foreplay and lube I found that it felt amazing – just very “full”. Now that I’m married I so have anal sex with my husband and I’m able to achieve an amazing orgasm if I stimulate my clitoris while having anal sex.

Source: Do women enjoy anal sex?

Q: Why can I only orgasm with anal sex?

This woman [archive link] has a ‘problem’.  She asks:

Why can I only orgasm with anal sex? Are vaginal orgasms possible?

The doctor says that there are many ways to reach an orgasm, and goes on to describe the vast array of nerves which the rectum and anus are provided with.

The doctor advises the woman that:

I would first encourage you to relax and simply enjoy the fact that you get pleasure from anal sex.

There is no need to look for further answers. The vagina is not necessary, nor necessarily conducive to a woman’s sexual pleasure.

Message: How To Get Your Partner On Board?

Anonymous: This is something I would love to do. The trouble is that 2 people need to sign-up for this. How would you go about persuading a girlfriend that this could be a positive step, rather than something negative?

If she already enjoys anal, try starting out slow—even slower than suggested a number of posts back. Suggest a day where you only have anal sex. Do that a few times before moving on to trying it for a weekend, etc.

If she doesn’t like anal, or is simply inexperienced in it, try lightly massaging the outside of her anus with your thumb during doggy style vaginal sex. The sensation can be quite pleasurable and may awaken a greater desire for anal play and sex.

Always respect her wishes and ask before doing any sort of anal penetration, of course.

Why is anal sex enjoyable?

What’s the evolutionary basis? Lucky mistake?

A few people offer their ideas, though the first and most popular answer, has in my humble opinion the most merit.

Amongst several theories is one which caught my eye:

Dilation of the inner sphincter and rectal cavity stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system via the vagus nerve. It has a calming effect which some interpret as increased ability to relax or to submit to a partner.

It’s good to see that despite the fact that mainstream scientific research seem to feel this is a subject not worthy of investigation, some people are giving serious consideration to this important aspect of human sexual behaviour.

Message: Anal Only For 3 Years

Anonymous: Your other submitter has encouraged me to do the same. Another woman here how has only had anal sex for nearly 3 years. In my case entirely for practical reasons as I started initially to prevent getting pregnant but ended up carrying on. It’s not as hard as you’d think and it helps that the human body is incredibly resilient and adaptable. Needless to say, I don’t have any complaints from my boyfriend! He just needs to be careful and respect my body and it works out well for both of us. Eloise.

What is normal?

Many people hold back from embracing the anal only lifestyle. Why is this?

For so many people it keeps coming back to “Is it normal?” , “Am I normal?” or “Is he/she normal?”. The more one considers the concept, the more ludicrous it becomes. Would a couple who choose to only have oral sex be “normal” or not? To them it is normal.

Take this question at

My girlfriend wants to have nothing but anal intercourse so she doesnt get preg, what should i do?

It turns out his main concern is if having nothing but anal sex is “normal”.

My personal favourite answer (also chosen by the voters) is this:

You think you might turn into a gay person if you do? is that it?

Do you realize that more than 50% of the married men out there are trying to get their wives to do this and they get turned down. If they knew you were in this position they’d shoot you for asking if this is normal or want to take your place. They’d think you were crazy for not doing so. 

give it try, i’m sure you’ll love it!!!

Wise words indeed. It’s tragic when such a needless worry holds someone back from enjoying the ultimate in pleasure.