Month: May 2013

6 Reasons why the vagina is often ill suited for sex

Despite all the claims around the vagina and how it was ‘designed’ for the penis, it has many failings which in most cases make it far more practical to opt for anal sex instead.

    1. Dryness.  One of the main reasons cited that the vagina is was ‘designed’ for sex is that it naturally lubricates. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Vaginal dryness is a very common complaint and is caused by many things including unbalanced hormones, age, physical health and mental health. Very often a definitive reason cannot be found at all.
    2. Infections. The microbial balance of the vagina is very easily upset often resulting in unpleasant yeast infections.
    3. Dyspareunia. A long list of conditions which make vaginal sex painful or even impossible.
    4. Muscle fatigue. Post baby, and as a woman ages, the vaginal muscles become less taut, leading to a looser vagina.
    5. Her period. Bleeding lasts for on average 5 days a month, making sex a less attractive proposition for either sex.
    6. Size. The vagina is often either not large enough or elastic enough to accommodate the entirety of their partners penis. Painful intercourse due to a narrow vaginal entrance or hitting the cervix results. For the male, this is also unsatisfactory as his natural desire is to insert his penis to the utmost limit, and in this he will be frustrated.

The Benefits of an Anal Only Lifestyle

The Anal Only Lifestyle has a number of advantages over a conventional love life based around vaginal intercourse:

  • Greater trust and intimacy between partners. This builds closeness in the wider relationship, not just the sexual one.
  • A wholly natural form of birth control. A couple need not resort to measures that interfere with the quality of their pleasure or their health.
  • Greatly enhanced pleasure. It is already well known that anal sex is better for men, with deeper, more intense orgasms, but for women too this is a significant benefit. Not only are women much more likely to reach orgasm anally than vaginally, their orgasms are typically much stronger.
  • Contrary to uninformed popular opinion anal sex does not have a detrimental effect on the sphincter muscles or bowel control. In fact, regular anal sex strengthens these muscles and increases blood flow to the region through arousal. This all contributes to a healthier pelvic floor for the woman.
  • Following on from the above, there is evidence that the the muscle control gained through frequent anal aids a women in emptying their bowels. Once again, this is good for overall health.
  • For couples where either the man is longer than average or the woman’s vagina is shorter, anal provides a more satisfactory experience without the pain often caused by striking the cervix.
  • Fewer urinary tract infections for the woman, as having vaginal sex often irritates the urethra allowing bacteria to travel up into the bladder.

Sex Confession: I Really Like Anal Sex But My Husband Doesn’t

confession of a woman who prefers anal sex but whose husband refuses to satisfy her. She says:

All my friends tell me how their husbands essentially beg them to have anal and they hate it and here I am with the husband who isn’t interested in anal at all.

The above quote is telling us something doesn’t add up here. This is a woman who would probably adopt the anal only lifestyle if it were not for her husband’s reluctance.

Discussion among women who prefer anal sex to vaginal

As a counterpoint to the previous submission, there is also a discussion [archive link] on the WeWomen forum about preferring anal sex, with multiple women joining in about what makes it better for them.

The first woman found she preferred by simply wanting to try it as something new and then discovering it felt amazing and better than anything she’d ever experienced before—she never had vaginal sex again after her first anal experience! If that doesn’t show the superiority of anal, I don’t know what does. But then, typically, her friends told her there was something wrong with her for liking anal and she began to have doubts. Fortunately other women in the thread reassured her there was nothing wrong at all with her.

Another woman responding had a similar experience and, while she hadn’t gone anal only yet, she did admit that anal was more pleasurable than vaginal.

Discussion thread about anal vs vaginal sex

There was a discussion on the boards last year (closed for comments now) which started with the question  “Do men like anal sex over vaginal sex?“.

The submitter at #62 gets it right when he says:

The point is given that a man has tried vaginal and anal, and he has a choice which one he prefers, I am confident that he will choose anal. IF he hasn’t tried anal, how can he judge?

I think it’s a given that once a man has tried anal, the natural progression will be towards only having anal or at least a majority of the time.

How to Transition into Anal Only

If you’re interested in giving this a try, even if you aren’t sure you want to do it permanently, start slow. This can apply both for masturbation alone or for a sexual relationship. It is written for a female perspective, as ultimately the woman must desire going anal only for such a relationship to develop, but it may be of value for men interested in the lifestyle to read as well, to encourage experimentation with the idea in their relationship. Note that mentions of “anal only” do not exclude oral sex, only vaginal.

First declare a weekend to be an anal only weekend, where you fuck regularly but only anally. Try this a few times. Maybe even make it a regular thing, where you do have vaginal sex during the week but on the weekend only have anal.

After a while of that, if the idea still appeals to you, have only anal for an entire week. Try to fuck as often as you regularly would, but only up the ass. Take it easy if you start getting sore, but you want to do it enough to start training your body to accept frequent anal. If you make it through the week, try repeating it regularly as well, either once a month or every other week if you’re really enjoying it so far. If you didn’t make it through the week, take a week off and then try again.

When you’ve gone a few months with week long anal only stretches, do the same thing with a month. That’s right, nothing but anal for an entire month. By now it should be clear whether this is something that’s right for you, but you’ll likely still have some urges for vaginal. This is not necessarily a true desire for it, and may just be habitual, but it varies for each person. If you make it through the entire month and are greatly enjoying the anal only experience, just stick with it. Declare yourself to be anal only and enjoy the assfucking. If you still find yourself desiring vaginal, take some time off and try additional monthlong sessions later. Eventually you may be able to go all the way, or you may find that it’s not for you.

Thus far, this guide has only been referring to excluding vaginal penetration, but there is an additional level one can experiment with beyond this, where you avoid vaginal stimulation altogether. This may not be possible for everyone—most women get intense pleasure from anal penetration, but some require vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time, with the anal acting as a pleasure amplifier. It is possible for some, however, to get pleasure and orgasm purely from anal sex, with no vaginal stimulation at all. If this idea appeals to you, try coupling it with your other anal only sessions, and do not play with your pussy or receive oral sex vaginally during that time, even while being fucked up the ass. If you can manage to avoid any vaginal stimulation for an entire month (or longer, if necessary) of nothing but ass fucking, you may even begin to unlock new ways of getting pleasure from anal.

If you decide to give this a try, be sure to respond with your progress.